Omg everyone is either getting married or having children…..what am I even doing……..

Today, I feel like I might just burst from anger and hurt and life and mostly hurt and I just feel like the only solution is exploding. It’s not that big if a deal, but it feels like the biggest.


Happy Birthday, Jessica Williams!

Jessica joined The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2012 at the tender age of 22, making her the show’s youngest cast member ever as well as its first black female correspondent.

“It’s impossible to be perfect, and you won’t do a good job if you’re too focused on proving yourself to others. Instead, I try to envision myself succeeding in whatever I’m doing.”

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[on diversity in media] I think its social responsibility. I think it’s our responsibility to stand up and say what we want. It think if you look at television in the past two years, it’s becoming the decade of the female. Like, all these new shows with female leads. Even if you look at television, as well as cable, as well as films, there’s been a resurgence, as far as the leading woman in Hollywood, which is great. And I think we’re also at the point now…you know, it’s interesting…x

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I shouldn’t be so scared of planning. It’s kinda nice sitting down and figuring out your ish. Even if it’s just 1/100 of your ish. At least for your own peace of mind.